Dedicated team, big vision.

Welcome to the future of lost and found.
The What Missing Link is the world's lost and found marketplace. Our social media platform has the ability to connect users all over the world with their belongings that mean the most to them.

We're able to do this with our smart luggage tags and security labels - each one of which is linked to a free user profile page.
The Who
You. With people traveling more often and with more mobile electronics than ever, we're looking to link people to their belongings. Our service was developed with scale in mind so anyone in the world with internet access can benefit from Missing Link.

The Why We've replaced the archaic way of writing your name on a paper tag with modern technology. Now you can identify your luggage and your mobile electronics digitally. If any of those tagged items are ever lost, whoever finds it can easily look up your profile to contact you for it's safe return.
The How Free and secure user profile pages on are linked to our smart luggage tags and security labels. With social media for virtually everything - music, business, friendship, etc., we created an online lost and found for users around the world to protect their belongings.

The When Before it's too late. Often times we don't take the precautionary measures that we should have and look back only to think, "I wish I would have...I should have." In the age of connectivity and the internet, our service and products are available to better your odds of a safe return.

Meet the Team

Alvin Saywa
Alvin Saywa Co-founder
With a background in industrial design, Alvin had the vision to create the world's newest lost and found - online. Along with his friend Luis, they had always dreamed of starting a creative venture together when they were in college. A few years later they assembled a team and made that dream a reality. Today, they are the creative minds behind Missing Link.
Luis Villalobos Jr
Luis Villalobos Jr Co-founder
With a lifelong passion for the arts and design, Luis made our team's vision a reality. His creativity and expertise in design and technology is what allows us to continually serve our users. His dedication to creating the products and services that Missing Link offers is how we have come so far.