How It Works

Losing items can be stressful. We've all been there. It's not the value of the phone or tablet, it's the priceless content that's lost. Some things just can't be replaced which is one of the many reasons we're working hard to link people to their belongings.

The team at Missing Link knows that the world is full of honest people. We hear their stories all the time. Now, our social media platform gives the world a convenient way of contacting the owners of those lost items. Perhaps even more importantly, now owners have a way of telling the world whose it is and that there's a reward for its safe return.

Our service bridges the gap when your mobile app no longer works because the battery is dead. Or when your paper name tag is ripped off. Our secure profile pages create the link between not only the owners and their belongings, but the owner and the person that finds it.

If Found...

If you happen to find a lost item, getting back to the owner is very easy. One way to "link" them is by viewing their profile page. To access this simply scan the QR code or enter the UID# and you will view the

Everything you need to know.

We've made the website simple and easy to use. Connect your belongings to your digital profile.
Easily connect your social media accounts for a faster response and improve your odds.
  • Simple to Use

    Easy to use and maintain. Register a new profile. Link your belongings by registering the UID# on the front of the tag. Remember that the UID# is case-sensitive.
  • Social Media

    Social media is the fastest communication tool today. Connect your Missing Link account with all of your social platforms to better your odds of recovering your items.
  • Message Platform

    By providing an email or telephone number, we cut out the middle man and connect you directly to your belongings.
  • Administrator Profile

    Your items new digital voice. Your contact information and your items displayed in a simple format. Manage your tagged items at anytime.
  • Secure Hosting

    Online security is our main priority. All of your contact information stored on our server is 128bit encrypted.
  • Privacy Settings

    Your privacy, you decide what is visible. You control with our On or Off Controls what contact information each tagged item is displaying when scanned.